"The Carso is stone shaped by time
From the eroded limestone rock
comes the small amount of read soil
The seeds of the plants that migrate
from East to West, carried by the wind,
have left their mark
in this narrow strip of land
nestled between the sea and the hills
Here man used what he was given
able to cultivate the stone
His animals grazed in every corner
After living on barren and inhospitable land
the green returned
protected, loved, enjoyed



The Carso is my land. It represents who I am, what I do and how I think.

The Carso is life and work.

I believe in tradition and the calling of the earth. I produce wines naturally, according the concept of "vini veri" or real wines.

Benjamin Zidarich


The new wine cellar was officially inaugurated on March 7, 2009. Dug deep into the rock underneath our vineyards and built using local resources, the cellar is 20 meters (65 feet) deep with a total of five floors.
The entire wine production process takes place inside different areas the cellar, from vinification to aging to tasting: the aging room was built with stone ceilings, while the tasting room and terrace on the ground floor boast incredible views of the nearby vineyards, as well as the distant sea.
The cellar, designed by architect Paolo Meng, took almost eight years to build, most which is underground, and covers atotal of 1,200 square meters (13,000 square feet).




Classical line

A local white wine that we believe in quite a bit. The varietal is proving to be increasingly interesting with the quality improving form year to year. Vitovska has always been produced in the Carso, the vines hiding in the folds of the land over centuries of farming culture.


Classical line

An ancient Greek varietal that was imported to nearby Istria and later brought to the Carso and surrounding areas. It is now considered a local variety and its quality continues to improve with each vintage.


Classical line

A blend of vitovska, malvasia e sauvignon blanc, this wine mirrors the land. Its name comes from where the grapes grown, an area located directly below Prepotto, the small hamlet where the winery is located.


Classical line

A red grape varietal native to the Carso that traditionally was cultivated only in a small area. Thanks to the soil in which it is grown (terrano means read earth), the microclimate and the altitude, the wine is quite unique. Our terrano is released two years after harvest.


Zidarich collection

A blend of merlot and terrano from the Carso, this wine is one of Benjamin's passion projects. Its name comes from historical area in which the grapes are grown.


Zidarich collection

Produced only in exceptional vintages. In June 2011, after five years from the harvest, Zidarich V was released.
Vitovska collection 2006 is the best possible expression of vitovska. 1,300 bottles aged in a single 10 hectoliter barrel for four years.


Zidarich collection

Martina, passed wine - bottles from 0.375 - sweet wine


Zidarich collection


Zidarich collection






27th of August 2022

Saturday 27 August 2022 we will be present with our Zidarich wines at the wine fair in Farra D'Isonzo.

For info and reservations:
T: Milena +39 3470678042


12th of June 2022

Natural wine fair at Conca D'oro social farm in Bassano del Grappa 12th of June 2022 from 10 am.


Un Giorno DiVino

30 th of May 2022


On Monday 30th of  May 2022 in a fairytale location like "Borgo Glazel" in Piancogno (Bs), "Un Giorno DiVino" will be held, a day dedicated to tasting our wines as well.

The program includes 2 different moments:

from 14:00 to 18:00 exclusive entrance for HoReCa customers

from 18:00 to 20:00 free admission also to wine lovers.

For more details and / or confirmation of participation, contact: 0364/42054 -


30th of April

On April 30th and May 1st we are present at Vignaioli Naturali in Rome at NH Villa Carpegna in Via Pio IV, n.6.

The event will take place from 12.00 to 19.00.



23rd of April 2022

Saturday 23rd of April from 4 to 9 pm, at the Pavilion of Porto Piccolo in Sistiana (TS), an event dedicated to Terrano, a native red wine of the Karst.


Perdersi nel Carso

10 th of April 2022

Presentation of the book "Perdersi nel Carso" by Lorenzo Berlendis.

After that follow the dinner with tasting of Carso wines, among which we will also be there with our Zidarich wines.




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